A largely autobiographical fanzine by Bryce Galloway of Wellington, New Zealand. First published in February 2002. Back issues available for NZ$2.50 ea. from PO Box 27527, Wellington, New Zealand (stinkispinkis@yahoo.com)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Issue 34

Comes with a compilation CD of Madonna covers for a little extra coin. Music by myself, Chris Palmer, Remembering 22nd Century, Bad Statistics, Maya Haettenschwiller, Feline Groovy, The Doll, Grubby Bunny, Mike Brown, The Lovely Midget, Daniel James, Rubber Banana, The Ghastlies, and Mongolian BBQ.
Excellent guest illustrations from Tammy Rose Stretton accompany regular folks' stories of meeting the nationally and internationally famous. Meet Adrien Brody at New World supermarket, meet Lee Scratch perry on stage, meet Stu Wilson in the street, meet Brian Eno in the green room... 

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