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A largely autobiographical fanzine by Bryce Galloway of Wellington, New Zealand. First published in February 2002. Back issues available for NZ$2.50 ea. from PO Box 27527, Wellington, New Zealand (

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Issue 69

  The eighth diary comic collab between myself and Daniel Powell. The rules: a comic a day for three months, the best of these presented on facing pages like some kind of parallel universe; our respective lives in Wellington, NZ and Verl, Germany, peering at each other.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Issue 68

"This zine is my other contribution to [Cuba Dupa and] the Toi P┼Źneke art park. It's a collection of 5-minute drawings, usually inked just before bed. Perhaps being too tired is a valuable part of the process... Perhaps. Please don't presume it's trash just because these drawings only took me 5-minutes. These are the ones that made it, I throw out the most of them, honest."

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Issue 67

"Keeping the diary brought a new appreciation for the birds, insects, and domestic animals that share my corner of Wellington. I started to notice certain behaviours and habitats and learnt to identify different species. That's quite a shift for someone who's always been as humancentric as any other arsehole, never a member of Forest & Bird, never a Boy Scout, never a camper or tramper." December 2018

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Issue 66

"In issues 49 and 57, I forced myself to write about parenting. And I mean forced. When I first had kids, it was all I could write about, but after the initial whiplash, the weirdness of having kids slowly fades. So much so that writing about parenting now requires my keeping a daily parenting diary, which I revisit to look for any patterns that might show me where the hell I am. I am lost to parenting, lost in parenting." 
Parenting - words and drawings. November 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Issue 65

Lyrics from the many bands that were formed around my midlife crisis project. It took Leonard Cohen seven years of schlepping notebooks around to write the lyrics for Hallelujah. It took Iggy Pop one evening to write the lyrics for The Stooges debut album. Limited release initially (saving for future exhibition/s on the project). Issue 64 editorialises midlife crisis phenomena and the specific project’s band methodology before dedicating a page to each band’s story.

Issue 64

My midlife crisis project. An attempt to form a band every month of my fiftieth year. After an intro on the mythological midlife crisis and my monthly band methodology (or lack thereof), each band is lovingly recounted. Illustrated with crumpled set lists and other ephemera. Limited release initially (saving for future exhibition/s on the project). Issue 65 of band lyrics released at the same time.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

:Diary Comics (2006-2015)

My second book is compiled from selected diary comics 2006 - 2015, including zine material and previously unpublished comic panels. Intro essay by Tessa Laird: The cat has herpes, the kids have worms, the chicken has mites, and Bryce has an assortment of ailments beyond his digestive tract, including a spasming eye, aching knees, haemorrhoids, stiff neck, tinnitus, and even fleas! Additionally, 'the wife' accuses Bryce of having dementia. This is one of many criticisms she levels at him, which fits the artist-as-martyr model like a glove. Yet what emerges is not a portrait of a henpecked husband so much as a radically egalitarian domestic partnetship in which the wife, in all her fiery glory, speaks her mind, keeps Bryce on his toes and, when necessary, bursts his art-martyr bubble. Pikitia Press 2017. RRP $20