A largely autobiographical fanzine by Bryce Galloway of Wellington, New Zealand. First published in February 2002. Back issues available for NZ$2.50 ea. from PO Box 27527, Wellington, New Zealand (stinkispinkis@yahoo.com)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Issue 24

The birth story of mine and the de facto wife's second child. Familiarly gruesome and comedic to regular readers. Comes with a compilation CD of John Lennon covers for a little extra coin. Lennon chosen as soundtrack because of his late career betrayal of revolutionary anthems for the domestic haven of TV watching and changing Sean's nappy. Musical contributions from Sean Kerr, Chris Knox, gfrenzy, Borris Baggins, F.E.T., Rubber Banana, misled radio, Throbbing Vulva, The Timeless Union, C.I.A.O., Jim Fulton, Maya Haettenschwiller, Adam Fulton, Sud, Edward Gains, Geoffrey D. Trail., The Futurians and myself. Winter 2006.

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