A largely autobiographical fanzine by Bryce Galloway of Wellington, New Zealand. First published in February 2002. Back issues available for NZ$2.50 ea. from PO Box 27527, Wellington, New Zealand (stinkispinkis@yahoo.com)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Issue 48

"Somebody had said, “Wait until you see the storerooms, they’re like a prison; miles of cages housing tribal objects.” And so, upon meeting the Oceanic collections’ curator (Dr. Eva Raabe), I parrot, “Show me the prisons.” Thusly offended, Frau Raabe conversely describes a monastery..."
The third of three zines created as artist-in-resdence at the Welkulturen Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. Profiles the head curators from the Museum's four continents. November 2012.

Issue 47

Either the most elegant or the most boring fanzine I've ever made. You decide.
Pen and ink drawings of ethnographic objects from the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, where I was artist-in residence. The second of three zines produced in said context. October 2012.

Issue 46

Egads! Made this zine as artist-in-residence at the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, where I was also curating the group show Zines Aus Neuseeland. Compromised by jet lag and ethnography I do the only thing possible; make a zine about being compromised by jet lag and ethnography. 
Text and cartoon diary. October 2012.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Issue 45

More fresh comics diarise the workaday and domestic; the quotable quotes, the small trials, the fleeting charms. Mid 2012. 

Issue 44

The fourth pairing up with expat New Zealander Daniel Powell, a bi-annual ritual diarising the same days to bring you a parallel universe of the domestic and the everyday; compounded by Powell having two young sons, the same ages as my daughters. Powell charts his life as an expat Kiwi living in Germany, while I do the same from Wellington. Early 2012.

Issue 43

The third chapter from my unedited teen diary. Shitty first jobs, bands, television, impotency and virginity all collide. Illustrated with reprinted pages from my hometown newspaper - the Waikato Times - circa the same dates in 1984. Late 2011.

Issue 42

The Unofficial Catalogue to my public art project for the Courtenay Place Light Boxes, Wellington. A warts and all look at the process of creation, production, and publicity. Also gives me the chance to publish a few more favourites from the 150 drawings I completed towards the project. 2011.

Issue 41

Cartoon diaries of the everyday, played out by me & the wife, the sprogs, the workmates, and an overzealous photographer from The Dominion Post. 2011.

Issue 40

The second unedited chapter from my embarrassing teen diary. The text is illustrated with fan art by Tammy Rose Stretton. Late 2010.

Issue 39

Cartoon diary and wedding issue. Describes what it's like to get married at the Hamilton Court House during a youth gang murder trial when your fiancee would have preferred something a little more classy. Text and comics. 2010.

Issue 38

A third pairing up with expat New Zealander Daniel Powell, a bi-annual ritual diarising the same days to bring you a parallel universe of the domestic and the everyday; compounded by Powell having two young sons, the same ages as my daughters. Powell charts his life as an expat Kiwi living in Germany, while I do the same from Wellington. 2010.

The Book (Issues 1 - 37)

Selected pages from issues 1 to 37 are anthologized in this Clouds published book. Co-edited by Gwynneth Porter, co-designed by Warren Olds. 304 pages. Retails for $30 but currently out of print.
Introduces the overall narrative arc of eight years of fanzine production. Gloriously messy at first, with the zine changing its spots at least three times. Once it settles into the autobiographical and everyday it reads like a diary of protracted adolescence, at pains with the compromises of growing up: Post graduate study, children, mortgage, social death, ennui... but still shot through with self deprecating humour. Text, photographs, comics, and drawings. Features many guest contributors including Bek Coogan and Tammy Rose Stretton. Mid 2011.

Issue 37

With various friends giving me shit for the all-too-bleak honesty of my writing, this issue responds with a collapsed list of best moments from a period of weeks. Text, found photographs, and drawings. 2010.

Issue 36

Publishing an unedited section of my embarrassing teen diary involved doing a facebook search for my old girlfriend circa 1984 and asking for her permission to print. A pretty weird cold call by anyone's standards. Text, collage, and teenage doodling. Late 2009.

Issue 35

Purchase of a first cell phone at the ripe old age of 43. This zine is written in the first week of ownership while the gadget was still incredibly alien and not to be trusted. Text, photographs, and drawings. 2009.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Issue 34

Comes with a compilation CD of Madonna covers for a little extra coin. Music by myself, Chris Palmer, Remembering 22nd Century, Bad Statistics, Maya Haettenschwiller, Feline Groovy, The Doll, Grubby Bunny, Mike Brown, The Lovely Midget, Daniel James, Rubber Banana, The Ghastlies, and Mongolian BBQ.
Excellent guest illustrations from Tammy Rose Stretton accompany regular folks' stories of meeting the nationally and internationally famous. Meet Adrien Brody at New World supermarket, meet Lee Scratch perry on stage, meet Stu Wilson in the street, meet Brian Eno in the green room... 

Issue 33

Two zines masquerade under the same cover and issue number. One is a cartoon diary by me and the other a cartoon diary by Daniel Powell. Punters receive which ever one comes out of the hat. 2009.

Issue 32

A second pairing up with expat New Zealander Daniel Powell, diarising the same days to bring you a parallel universe of the domestic and the everyday (this would become a bi-annual ritual); compounded by Powell having two young sons, the same ages as my daughters. Powell charts his life as an expat Kiwi living in Germany, while I do the same from Wellington. 2008.

Issue 31

A road map of the human body (mine). Stories from scar to scar, head to toe. Text and drawings. 2008.
A reading of this issue was performed under the title Incredibly Hot Body Map at the Engine Room gallery, Massey University, Wellington, on June 30, 2012.  

Issue 30

In response to Gwynneth Porter's Overcoming Loathing pamphlet project, I continue with pamphlet-length rants on 8 pet hates. Working under the following headings: Loud Americans, Life's Too Busy, 35 - Gender Divide, Phantom Flyers, Crime Shows, Drippy Parents, The Art Scene, and Technology ("Smell my pits oh sanatised technological world"). Text and single-page drawings. And me wearing a cardboard bullshit detector on the front cover. 2008.

Issue 29

A pretty bleak one this. Starts with conspiratorial musings on narrative structures then morphs into observations from two weeks playing house-husband. Text accompanied by cartoon diaries and still life drawings. 2008.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Issue 28

Writing under the headings Neutered 1, 2, and 3: the new parent's social death; vasectomy thoughts; and bad form at the party. Text and drawings. Figured I'd enough of a following and signature style to betray the title on the cover of this one and got stung for it. Subsequelntly cited in Thames and Hudson's Fanzines by Teal Triggs as the author of Ugly Is The New Sexy. Heh. 2007.

Issue 27

Mostly diary days in cartoon form plus a few extra single-page drawings. 2007.

Issue 26

Following issue 25 with a less skeletal cartoon diary. Pairing up with expat New Zealander Daniel Powell (AKA Wendyhouse's EEmonk) now resident in Germany. Powell and I diarise the same days, bringing you a parallel universe of the domestic and the everyday (this would become a bi-annual ritual). Issue 26 was launched as part of the solo exhibition - mumbling through to the chorus - at The Engine Room gallery, Massey University, Wellington, NZ. 2007.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Issue 25

The very first of what would become a regular feature; the cartoon diary. Though this one is inhabited by skeleton people a la Dia de los Muertos. Spring 2006.

Issue 24

The birth story of mine and the de facto wife's second child. Familiarly gruesome and comedic to regular readers. Comes with a compilation CD of John Lennon covers for a little extra coin. Lennon chosen as soundtrack because of his late career betrayal of revolutionary anthems for the domestic haven of TV watching and changing Sean's nappy. Musical contributions from Sean Kerr, Chris Knox, gfrenzy, Borris Baggins, F.E.T., Rubber Banana, misled radio, Throbbing Vulva, The Timeless Union, C.I.A.O., Jim Fulton, Maya Haettenschwiller, Adam Fulton, Sud, Edward Gains, Geoffrey D. Trail., The Futurians and myself. Winter 2006.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Issue 23

A tour diary for The Wendyhouse Christmas Show (a national tour performing newly minted Christmas songs by Wendyhouse). A characteristically warts 'n' all reveal of what goes on behind the rock 'n' roll magic. Oh yes! Autumn 2006.

Issue 22

The very first of what was to become a regular occurrence; my own entry paralleled by that of long time artistic collaborator Daniel Powell (AKA EEmonk) of Wendyhouse. I write about herbal highs and lows in the presence of the in-laws, whilst Daniel charts his own domestic tribulations as a newly German resident. Text and drawings. Featured cover by Daniel Powell. Spring 2005.

Issue 21

AKA The Night of the Nick Cave Concert, especially as it was later performed at Enjoy Public Art Gallery by a variety of "couples". Issue 21 features the verbatim script of myself and the de facto wife in conversation as we come to grips with the fact that everyone but everyone is at the Wellington Town Hall watching the legendary Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds while we nurse our new mortgage and an $8 bottle of vino tinto. Text and drawings. Winter 2005.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Issue 20

After a break of six months where I wasn't sure whether to continue with the project post MFA... The narrative starts with the post post-graduate blues, then jumps through other narratives in schizoid fashion. Text and drawings. Autumn 2005.

Issue 19

The very last issue completed in part fulfillment of a Masters of Fine Arts. Blows the cover on the whole sham! Or, diarizes my sorry arse limping from one unfortunate art crit to the next. Text and drawing. Spring 2004.

Issue 18

Gives the back story to a Wendyhouse concept album, man! Self-defeating and self-aggrandizing in unequal measure. Wendyhouse being a band of hasbeens - big in the 90s - with me and guitarist EEmonk at it's core. Text and poignant doodle art. Winter 2004.

Issue 17

My bag is stolen on a rare night out at a Damo Suzuki gig. Woe is me, it's a sign, it's a metaphor, it's logged with the Police Dept. Text, drawings. letters of complaint and freaky dream dairies. Autumn 2004.

Issue 16

The gory birth story of our first born and the naked autobiographical mutterings of the new dad. Lots of text, some posey dad photos. Summer 2003.